Lunch today is lotus root soup porridge, apples, chocolate filling biscuits (forgot the brand) and apple water kefir. I usually try and balance sweet and savory when I pack his lunch.

Oh how I miss miss miss this breakfast combination. Home baked chia seed whole wheat bread with homemade Kaya and homemade pork floss pair with Malaysian coffee πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ super super love this combination. If you don’t notice I love sweet and salty combination.

Just like I LOVE to eat MacDonald french fries with Sundae. My hubs finds it weird and has said he’s never seen anyone eating it like this but over the years he’s noticed a lot more people doing this lol.

Was going to make custard for ice cream and my fingers slipped. FML.

Decided to finish my kimchi since is getting warm. Making jjgae and was lazy to simmer it on the stove so my Instant Pot had to do the work for me. Toss everything in and go on my merry way aka doing other things.

All done!

This time Jjigae wasn’t a hit with my kids because the kimchi has over fermented so is slightly sour and they don’t care for it. I have a big pot so I will be eating them alone for the next few days. Anyone knows the way to reduce the sourness if the kimchi is over fermented? I don’t really want to add sugar if I can help it. I love their sourish taste but unfortunately the kids especially Mr.6 don’t approve of it. Hopefully I don’t over ferment them again and it won’t be an issue.


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