Last school lunch for year 2017-2018

Last school lunch for 1st grade. (He still has school tomorrow but is early release so he won’t be eating lunch in school) Home baked water kefir bread with homemade almond butter and jelly sandwich, tim tams, grapes, veggie straws and blueberry water kefir.

Bitter sweet for me because the kids are growing up extremely quick. I cannot believe that he will be going to grade 2. I remembered when I first send him to preschool and how excited he was to be going to school. We told him that when you go preschool you cannot wee wee in the diaper anymore (night) he stopped peeing in the diaper a few months before he started preschool. Very proud of his accomplishment and with what ever he puts his mind into doing something.

Mr.6 is not a difficult child but I’ve had my challenges with him too and because we are both stubborn. Apparently he’s at this age he’s already embarrassed by his parents being in school!! I spoke to his teacher about it before and she said she thought it was only in middle school kids starts getting embarrassed. (Wrote about this before!) Makes me sad because is like he’s so independent and growing up so quickly!!

Soldier on I guess..Luckily so far the little one still wants me. Not having another one lol

Lazy lunch and attempting (key word) to eat healthier. Stir fry cabbage with yesterday’s sweet and sour meat balls, and two eggs topped with thai chili padi.

Dinner consist of homemade hamburger patties on homemade burger buns topped with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup and mayo. My extremely failed fries.

I am so mad because I used this recipe many times before when I was pregnant with Mr.6 I used to have cravings for fries and I would make them this is the first time is a complete flop. It was soft and soggy but we still ate it cause no time to make more since it was getting late and dinner was behind schedule.

Churn another loaf of water kefir loaf. This time I added milled flax seed and a little whole wheat flour. Also I changed butter to coconut oil. I usually use coconut oil instead of butter for all breads I make at home.

Bread is still soft but a wee bit denser than the all white bread. Will have to try and see how it taste tomorrow.


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